Shoperful allows you to build your Brand, Store & manage everything in one place.


Client: Shoperful

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Design,  Frontend Development, Backend Development

The challenge

Shoperful is an edge-cutting, futuristic mobile commerce platform builder providing itself as SAAS, crafted for aspiring entrepreneurs. The concept is an innovative idea that needed to be executed and elevated it to the next level. The challenge was to create a killer brand, a platform where they build the apps and a website in which they showcased their work, clients and the internal management system.

Shoperful is making the change. While most of the e-commerce stores still require access using browsers, shoperful allows you to create your app where it’s up and running at the drop of a hat. For customers, the biggest challenge was the high cost, which with Shoperful the cost of hiring an entire team is long gone.

The last but not the least challenge for customers was a mobile platform that is functional and tested with different devices and screens.

While companies are trying to be a leader in the market for selling from A to Z and embracing the concept of anything store, the only way to crack fully in the market is by filling all the needs of the customers, putting high goals on reputation and represent itself as a serious company, so this is possible only by offering the completed platform which is mobile commerce.

Our approach

We tackled this with a calculated risk, it was gonna take a while. We started on the dynamic view builder platform and the branding. Covering these two was such a joy. We got to show everything we do. From complex algorithms to contest words.

Since Shoperful is a game-changer, we started with the brand. Bold, simple, black. The text-based logo howls to be picked. The basic colors we used are black and white for a sincere appearance with accent colors to break the cycle. We didn’t want the brand to represent the product, but to describe it without taking the attention from it. Since their product will be promoted on various media, we didn’t want to overpower the brand.

Few Business Opportunities

1. Current branding and the concept could better reflect the leading market position with the approach of anything (shoes, home, tech, fashion, cars,..) store on mobile.

2. Marketing the products and offering a promotion to mobile users is way easier and possible by notifying clients directly and making more sales.

3. Communicating brand value or capturing the level of new customers desired by the company.

4. Be one of the first companies that tackle mobile commerce as it should by staying reliable and keep your company updated & sustainable.

5. Have a support team with 10+ years of experience including using the highest level of the technology stack that stands fully supportive behind your platform… etc

Content strategy & UI/UX Design

We focus on planning, creating, and delivering the content. Finding out that market owners are the target was obvious because they started the whole platform with that in mind. Adapting to their language, a bit of flax. M-commerce requires a piece of knowledge on the app industry as well as a sales background. Lucky for us we have a large team of experts in different fields, it’s our hero suit. Shoperful uplifted the entire user experience. Not only did they help their target group, but they also found an uncomplicated way to do so.

Here at Azwedo, our team of designers has their muscles trained to perfect every pixel.

Since Shoperful needs a platform in which they create apps, we also needed to make a way for their website to reach clients and get them informed. We went for clean and simple. Easy interactions, minimal effort on the user's side, and distraction-free.


Our team of developers here have perfected their code and did so with flying colors. They took their time to develop this enormous platform that helps small, medium & large new businesses, the ones that are in the market already with the website and want to get to the next level by expanding e-commerce to m-commerce, etc...

Developing a platform that develops other platforms, prodigious.

Just to name a few services and stack behind the scenes of Shoperful:

Amazon Web Services(AWS) behaving as a root of the system, G-Firebase for real-time communication and notification, some pieces from Google Cloud Platform just to make it pop, APIs & Microservices, Lambdas, RDS & NoSQL Databases, CDN, Dockers, and all these written in one of the most solid & sustainable proven programming languages like.Net-Core as a core language following it with Asp.Net, NodeJs, Python, Angular, etc.

While for the front end for iOS and Android going native is just undiscussable: iOS - Swift & Android - Kotlin.It’s time to see companies not worrying about the stack and reliability of their mobile platform and just enjoy the number of sales taking place in one of their own and unique mobile commerce platforms, absolutely worth it.

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Design Leads: Azwedo team

Tech Leads: Azwedo team

Project Management: Azwedo team

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