What covers A to Z

January 27, 2020

At first hand, the term “A to Z” gives you the feeling of embracing everything in a specific area or something that puts two and two together in terms of solution, unlocks the thinking of getting at the bottom of the problem and shed light on it. 

If you see it in the people’s perspective is a team in which every one of the members is specialized in a unique way and while working together with a dedicated passion, mindset of thinking different, willing to share ideas, accepting other’s opinions and of course always living the future.

Well, all of that said above is true. 

We(@azwedo) are a bunch of future holders, demanding to make it exceptional, and yes, we do all of that including building up identities and experiences, we uplift and empower companies through different products and a list of services.

Some of the intense products are:

  • Shoperful - Build your mobile commerce fast with an extraordinary design.
  • Ummah - The most amazing mobile app Muslim will ever need.

Our top services are:

  • Software Development
  • Design & Branding Sprints
  • Strategic Digital Innovation & Communication
  • Dedicated Development Teams

In order to get digital innovations out there fast, we insist on having the right tools. Check the non-exhaustive list of the tools below:


Design thinking, Agile development, Creative Design sprints, Digital-first strategy & Prototyping,..

Technologies (Web, Mobile & Cloud)

- C#, Java, Swift, Python, PHP, Asp.Net, Liquid...

- JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, Angular, ReactJs, Vue.js

- Webflow, WordPress, Shopify

- AWS, GCP, G-Firebase

- Mysql, Postgress, DynamoDb

- CircleCI

Product development

Define User experience, Digital & Interface design, Mobile & Web Development, User testing, Cloud Services, DevOps...


Brand platforms, Digital campaigns & Product launches

Last but not least, check everything in details at our website azwedo.com


St. Behije Dashi, Obj. Pacific 15, 10000 Prishtinë, Kosovë