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Search Engine for Logos and Fonts

Search Engine for Logos and Fonts

Leverage the opportunity to learn the world brand's font styles and use them in future designs.


Web designers face a significant challenge in selecting the ideal font for their web design projects. Subsequently, designers embark on extensive research and draw inspiration from various design sources.

Frequently, designers come across logos featuring unique fonts that capture their interest, yet they encounter difficulty in identifying the specific font style employed. This predicament presents a common challenge for designers, prompting a demand for viable solutions in font recognition.


Introducing Font in Logo, a pioneering platform designed to address the prevailing challenge encountered by web designers in identifying font styles used across diverse designs and by globally recognized brands. 

Recognizing the inherent difficulty designers face in discerning font styles, we undertook the ambitious task of compiling a comprehensive database encompassing renowned world brands. Through meticulous analysis and comparison, we established a reliable repository that confirms the font styles employed by these brands.

Furthermore, Font in Logo offers designers the capability to upload images of brands or text styles for in-depth analysis. The dedicated team utilizes advanced approaches to identify and verify the font styles, providing designers with a valuable resource to overcome font-related challenges.

The brands featured on Font in Logo span a myriad of industries, including sports, technology, fashion, food, cinematography, automobiles, and more. This diversity ensures that designers across various sectors can find relevant and insightful information tailored to their specific needs.

With a monthly visitation rate exceeding 30,000 from the web design community, Font in Logo has emerged as a go-to solution, demonstrating its resonance and effectiveness within the design industry.

We are confident that Font in Logo is a game-changer, addressing the needs of designers grappling with font style identification and significantly enhancing the efficiency of their design processes.

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November 12, 2022